The Single-cell Analytics Innovation Laboratory (SAIL) is a leading platform and innovation hub for cutting-edge molecular profiling and data analysis, serving the broader Memorial Sloan Kettering community.

SAIL is embedded within the Alan and Sandra Gerry Metastasis and Tumor Ecosystems Center (GMTEC) and is available to all basic and translational research laboratories at MSKCC. We implement, test and refine single-cell omic and spatial transcriptomic technologies and protocols for high-resolution profiling of a wide range of tissues, from animal and cell-based systems to diverse tumor types. These approaches are providing unparalleled insights into basic biology as well as cancer-related questions around immunity, tumor plasticity and metastasis, regeneration, wound healing and immunotherapy.

Ronan Chaligné was appointed as the Head of SAIL in 2020 and directs its experimental side, and Roshan Sharma leads the computational team. Dr. Chaligné is an expert in single-cell technologies and their application to biological questions and has developed methods to profile multiple data modalities from the same cell. Dr. Sharma has expertise in developing novel computational methods and adapting existing statistical tools to process and analyze single-cell data with the goal of extracting biological insights. Dana Pe’er, Chair of the Computational and Systems Biology Program in the Sloan Kettering Institute, is the Scientific Director of SAIL. Dr. Pe’er has pioneered a number of foundational analytical concepts and algorithms in the single-cell field.

Our mission is to assimilate emerging technologies in the rapidly advancing fields of single-cell sequencing and imaging-based profiling and provide robust analytical solutions.




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We are (almost) always seeking energetic and passionate individuals to join our team. We are passionate about single-cell methods development in the wet and dry lab. If you are naturally curious about biology, want to invent new technologies, and enjoy working in a creative and dynamic environment, we would love to work with you!